man texting while driving

Texting and Driving in Miami: What to Know

man texting while drivingIn Miami and the rest of the state of Florida, texting and driving is against the law. It’s important to understand what this means in the event that you are pulled over by a law enforcement officer.

Per Florida’s law, there is a ban on texting using a cell phone while behind the wheel of a moving vehicle. The law makes it illegal to operate a vehicle while typing on a cell phone or other mobile device for the purpose of communications that are not phone call related. This involves text messaging, chats, email and instant messaging.

Overall, the law was put in place to create a safer environment in Miami and Florida as a whole. It was instituted to prevent car accidents to protect drivers, passengers, pedestrians and bicyclists. If a driver disregards the law and uses a mobile device to send messages while driving and gets into a crash, they are liable for compensating any and all injured victims. Compensation can include medical bills, ongoing expenses, lost wages, loss of earning capacity, property damage, scarring and disfigurement and pain and suffering.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration or NHTSA, around 2.2 percent of drivers used mobile devices for text messaging purposes back in 2015. Although there have been laws created to prohibit these behaviors, people continue to use cell phones in this manner while driving, putting countless others at risk.

Certain problems arise from texting while driving that include three types of distraction. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, they include the following:

• Cognitive: Drivers can be cognitively distracted while texting as their minds are on something other than the road
• Manual: If a driver’s hands are off the steering wheel, it poses manual distraction
• Visual: Visual distraction involves the driver’s eyes being off the wheel even for mere seconds

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