Our Miami white collar crime legal team is your partner in defending Federal and State criminal investigations and complaints through discovery and jury trial with over a decade of experience, utilizing our expertise of criminal trial law. We will guide you in navigating complex criminal accusations with an eye on details and be on your side at every step of the way. Our criminal trial expertise extends to counseling you or your business through below, and beyond.

White Collar Charges

• Bank fraud, mail fraud, wire fraud, racketeering (RICO), money laundering, financial structuring, consumer fraud, insurance fraud, healthcare fraud, pharmaceutical fraud, and computer fraud

• False claims and statements, perjury, forgery, counterfeiting, bribery, extortion, anti-kickback regulations and internal investigations into larceny and/or embezzlement

• Environmental offenses, unsafe work conditions, whistleblower protections

White Collar Investigations

• Law enforcement agency-initiated investigations of fraud involving false claims and statements, failure to comply with regulations, bribery and anti-kickback regulations

• Voluntary in-house and internal investigations into larceny and/or embezzlement by staff

• Review and assessment of internal documents and interviewing witnesses to adequately assess defense of potential criminal charges

• Legal counsel for victims of white-collar criminal charges