– Americans with Disabilities Act Claim or Lawsuit Defense

– Breach of Contract – Lease and purchase agreement

– Breach of Contract – Non-compete and confidentiality agreement

– Breach of Contract – Financing contracts

– Breach of Contract – Commercial real estate contracts

– Breach of Contract – Contractor, subcontractor, and other real estate development contracts

– Breach of Contract – Shareholder, partnership, and LLC operating agreements

– Breach of Contract – Employment/independent contractor agreements

– Injunctive Relief – in an effort to create prohibitions against creating nuisances, preventing irreparable breach of contracts, enforcing non-competition agreements

– Injunctive Relief – Enforcing non-disclosure clauses

– Injunctive Relief – Forcing the return of a unique possession

– Professional Negligence/Malpractice Defense

– Shareholder & Partnership Disputes & Dissolutions

– Breach of Fiduciary Duty/Self-dealing

– Shareholder disputes against owners and/or managers

– Minority owner rights

– Corporate deadlock disputes

– Executive compensation

– Buyout rights and agreements

– Shareholder appraisal rights

– Tortious interference with contractual and/or business relationships