Business Law

Purchasing an Existing Business


– Review of certified financial records, employee files and benefits, existing contracts, past lawsuits, existing leases (or negotiating a new lease), non-disclosure agreements & confidentiality agreements

– Drafting purchase and sale agreements, affidavits, resolutions, non-competes, letters of intent, promissory notes, and security agreements.

– Preparing the documentation for the purchase, defining the terms and conditions related to the purchase, negotiating deals or contracts, organizing your business and incorporation, setting up any necessary entities

– Contract Formation, incorporation, articles of incorporation, certificate of incorporation, shareholder agreements, partnership agreements, operating agreements

Shareholder Disputes


– Shareholder Rights Investigations, Breaches and Lawsuits

– The rights and obligations of majority and minority shareholders, officers, and directors

– Understanding corporate procedures and compliance, voting, resolutions, and other procedural issues

– Conflict resolution, including negotiation, mediation, and arbitration

– The need for proactive procedures to ensure officers and directors are behaving in good faith and in the best interests of the corporation

– How to deal with unfair or illegal actions, fraud, breaches of fiduciary duty, trade secrets, and unfair competition

– Employment questions, including compensation, severance, pension benefits, stock plans, and more

– Defending and protecting your rights as a corporate shareholder

– Handling shareholders’ derivative lawsuits

– Conducting inquiries into the protection of rights as shareholders