Plan For a More Appealing Wynwood is Approved!


Wynwood is currently home to unique brands, retail shops, art galleries, street-art, concept bars, antique shops, restaurants and more. Over the years, Wynwood transformed into a work-play-sleep neighborhood after the continuous investments and development. Is it enough? NEVER!


Wynwood Business Improvement District (BID) working to make the neighborhood greener and walkable! City of Miami Commissioners approved the implementation of a new Wynwood Streetscape Master Plan (WSMP).


What is Wynwood Streetscape Master Plan (WSMP) ?


It is the first of its kind in the United States! The goal is plan is to make Wynwood more walkable, active, sustainable, diverse, livable, safer, mixed-used neighborhood.


Project includes new crosswalks, mid-block crossings, widened sidewalks, protected bicycle lanes and district-wide signage that will guide pedestrians and motorists throughout the area and promote connectivity with neighboring Midtown, Overtown and Edgewater.


Get ready to meet with a new concept “Woonerfs” – The plan is to install “Woonerfs” which means “living street” in Dutch. It is a new way to design people-friendly streets and open-spaces. In a woonerf, the street is shared among pedestrians, bicyclists, and motor vehicles; however, pedestrians have priority over cars(It worked in Europe, we have faith in Miami!). Woonerfs, reduce driving speeds and increase levels of safety, create more efficient use of space, increase socialization and activities, create a more attractive street.


Concrete Wynwood transforming into a Green Wynwood – streetscape plan will provide more shade to pedestrians and people who want to hang out beneath a tree shade.

WSMP is not only a plan for a greener Wynwood but also focuses on the flooding problems and detrimental effects of storm events.


This project will bring more investments, jobs, and visitors to Wynwood!


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