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Is My Criminal Record Public in Florida?

criminal recordsEvery state has a record system that logs criminal information. These details are public and can be accessed by prospective employers, neighbors, and any other person who may want to know more about the people who have committed crimes. In the state of Florida, these records are able to be accessed and contain personal information that identifies you and the crime you committed. This can be detrimental to you as you seek to have a fresh start and can create a permanent bad image of you. A Miami criminal defense lawyer can help you explore the options available to change this. We value second chances at Aktas Law and want to help you.

Criminal Public Records

As stated, criminal records are public and contain personal information. The display of these records is standard protocol for states to follow. Though it is common for the information to be available, there is a way to have your records concealed. The process of expungement involves requesting criminal records to be removed entirely. A Miami criminal defense lawyer is needed to initiate the process.

Before asking for an expungement, it must be determined if you are eligible to do so. A Miami criminal defense lawyer will help you determine if you meet the requirements. The request to initiate an expungement involves submitting a petition to the court where the arrest, or conviction, if applicable, took place. Once submitted, a decision will be made if the record will be expunged or not. The petition process is not simple and requires legal knowledge to ensure that all parts are fully completed. An attorney can also answer any requests from the court if they need further information related to the petition.

At Aktas Law, we want to help you as you seek to have a new beginning after having a criminal record. Contact our office to learn how we can assist you in this matter.