taking marijuana while driving

Facing DUI for Driving Under the Influence of Marijuana? We Can Help

taking marijuana while drivingIf you are facing charges for DUI in Florida for driving under the influence of marijuana, then you should contact an attorney soon as possible. DUI charges involving marijuana can be difficult for the prosecution to prove, so you should be aware of your rights as well as your possible defenses. The experienced lawyers from Aktas Law can help defend you against these often complicated charges.

What does a DUI case involve?
In order for a person to be convicted of DUI, the prosecution must be able to show that the person was in actual physical control of a motor vehicle and that their ability to drive was affected by the alleged intoxication. When the suspected intoxicating substance is marijuana, the prosecution must be able to prove that allegation beyond a reasonable doubt.

Proving impairment from marijuana use can be difficult. In many DUI cases, the prosecution will rely upon drug test results showing prior marijuana use. The drug test results alone are insufficient to prove all of the elements of a DUI charge. There must also be evidence that the driver was under the influence while driving or in actual physical control of the vehicle.

In many cases, the prosecution will rely upon sobriety tests that were conducted by law enforcement. These tests must be completed correctly and in compliance with established protocol. In some situations, the police fail to comply with the procedures, which can make certain observations and conclusions questionable.

How can an attorney help?
If you are facing DUI charges, then an attorney can provide legal representation and advice throughout the process. Miami criminal defense lawyers can identify potential defenses and raise them in court. In some cases this can result in outright dismissal or possible reduction of the charges.

Miami criminal defense lawyers from Aktas Law are available to assist you with your DUI case. We dedicate ourselves to defending you in court and to help you understand your options.