a guy facing criminal charges for something he did not commit

Facing Criminal Charges for Something You Didn’t Commit? Let Our Years of Experience Help You!

a guy facing criminal charges for something he did not commitIf you have been charged or arrested for a crime that you did not commit, then you should seek out a Miami criminal defense attorney. No person should be convicted of something that they did not do. A criminal conviction can have significant consequences, so you should seek out a Criminal Lawyer in North Miami from Aktas Law who will aggressively defend you and protect your rights.

How can you defend against criminal charges that you did not commit?

In order to be convicted of a crime, the prosecution must be able to prove that you committed the crime beyond a reasonable doubt. To raise doubt as to your involvement with the crime, there are various defenses that may be raised. This may include:
Alibi – proof that you were not at the location when the crime was committed
Identification issues – lack of reliable witnesses to identify you as the suspect
Intent – proof that the alleged crime was not committed with the necessary mental state or intent
Impossibility – evidence that shows it was impossible for you to have committed the crime

Why should you contact an experienced attorney?

Working with an experienced North Miami Criminal Defense Attorney will help improve your chances of a successful defense. Our attorneys understand how to review a case and identify applicable defenses. An experienced attorney will know how to best raise defenses in a persuasive and effective manner. An experienced attorney will also know how to best negotiate with the prosecution for a fair result.

The attorneys at Aktas Law understand the law and how to defend our clients. We are experienced and know what it takes to help a person be acquitted. If you are facing charges for a crime that you did not commit, then contact us today to discuss your case and possible defenses.