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A board-certified expert in Criminal Trial Law and a former prosecutor, Seda Aktas, Esq., B.C.S., knows both sides of criminal proceedings and utilizes her experience to achieve the best possible result in litigating your rights. We believe that aggressive and compassionate advocacy is a right in criminal defense, where one is placed in a position to defend life or liberty. We at Aktas Law know that being charged with a crime can never be easy, and that every defendant deserves the respect of their attorneys. No case is too simple and no consequence is too marginal in these cases. It’s simple: you deserve a true advocate for your case who does the best thing for you, not themselves. At any stage of the proceedings beginning with the investigation phase, we strive for zealous representation, dedicated to the defense of both individuals and corporations against criminal charges, in State Courts and in Federal Courts. We are experienced in jury trials and will never be afraid to fight to the end, and beyond for your rights. We will listen to your side of the story and will not give up until we achieve the best possible result in your case. Period.

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