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Starting a business in Florida is complex, as a myriad of factors can determine your venture’s ability to succeed and your potential exposure to liability. Forming a business venture will not always prevent personal liability if the corporate veil can be pierced. Afraid of the increased overhead, many small businesses delay hiring an attorney until they find themselves in a controversy or are actually served with a lawsuit. By then, it may be too late to effectively protect the interests of said business.

Aktas Law recommends adequate measures aimed at prevention over litigation. When business disputes arise, our founding lawyer is a skilled trial lawyer who works hard to efficiently resolve the conflicts affordably. However, when it comes to protecting your business investment, what can amount to an ounce of prevention may help prevent the accrual of litigation fees and costs in the future. There is no doubt that frequently businesses do not take adequate contractual measures with the guidance of an experienced attorney and later find themselves under ambiguous contractual disputes which could have easily been prevented by a detailed agreement tailored for their particular business. Above all, we want to see your business succeed and adequately protect itself.

We are a well-formulated team of transactional lawyers versed in detailed drafting of agreements and litigators versed in civil litigation and procedure, specifically in business litigation. Therefore, our firm is able to provide sound legal and practical solutions to meet your specific goals and objectives. Regardless of whether you are a startup business or an established corporation, require a simple contract reviewed, prepared or amended, or require something more complex, we have a team of experienced and dedicated professionals to accomplish your objectives.

If you have a business that seeks to protect its interests with transactional services or in litigation, we at Aktas Law want to be your go-to law firm. Such investments or controversies can create high stakes, and we want to be on your side in this fight.

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