Being a Foreign Company (Non-US) Investor in Florida

Transferring a real estate property can be difficult enough with living abroad or having only limited stay in the U.S. thus, foreign investors need a reliable and experienced consultation that can move transaction smoothly toward closing while minimizing the risks.

This article will provide an overview of factors that need to be known by a foreign investor when buying, selling or leasing a real estate in Florida.

State Permission

In order to acquire real property in Florida, state permission is not required. However, all non-Florida entities intending to engage in a trade or business in Florida must obtain a Certificate of Authority. Trade or business engagement includes managing, leasing, or developing real property or other real estate activities.


There is no restriction imposed by Florida statutes on foreign investors purchasing real property or interests in entities that own real property.

Tax Obligations

There are no taxes imposed by Florida unique to foreign owners. However, after the transfer of US real property interests by a foreign owner, federal law imposes withholding, income tax reporting, and payment obligations.

Foreign investors and entities are subject to the same taxes as residents who buy, sell, and own property.

A foreign investor does not need a green card or to be a citizen in order to acquire a real property in Florida, however, will need an either Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN), or an Employer Identification Number (EIN).

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