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3 Questions to Ask Your Miami Criminal Defense Attorney

ask your criminal attorneyWhen you are facing criminal charges, you should never leave your fate in the hands of a lawyer who rarely if ever handles criminal defense cases. If you do, defeat and a lengthy jail sentence may be at risk. Instead, hire a Miami criminal defense attorney who handles these cases each and every day with expertise. But before doing so, make sure you ask these three important questions before hiring the services of a Miami criminal defense lawyer.

How Many Years Have You Practiced, and is Your Initial Consultation Free?
Prior to hiring a Miami criminal lawyer, always make sure you speak with one who offers a free initial consultation. By doing so, you can discuss your case in some detail and learn of your various options. Along with this, make sure they have practiced criminal law for many years, since this will indicate they likely have a track record of success. Florida Bar allows for Board Certification of lawyers, and Seda Aktas of Aktas Law is a Board Certified Expert in Criminal Trial Law per the Florida Bar.

Will You or Paralegals Handle My Case?
Before hiring your Miami criminal attorney, discuss in detail how they will approach your case. Since each case is unique, make sure you are comfortable with the strategy your lawyer plans to use. In addition, always verify the lawyer you hire will actually be working on your case. In many instances, especially in the case of attorneys charging less for their services, inexperienced paralegals may do much of the work, which could eventually impact the outcome of your case if the firm is running a mill-practice and therefore the attorneys don’t have enough time to pay attention to your case.

What are the Potential Outcomes of My Case?
When discussing your case with a Miami criminal defense attorney, have them explain the potential outcomes of your case. To ensure you get accurate information, you must always be truthful about the circumstances surrounding your case, and also bring related documents to your initial consultation so your Miami criminal lawyer can examine these in greater detail. Aktas Law is a judgment free zone and client confidentiality is of utmost importance in our firm. Call us today for a free consultation and let us help you with your State or Federal criminal charges.

If you require the services of Miami criminal defense lawyers, schedule an immediate consultation with Aktas Law.